Faux Pearl Plant Clip Ons
Faux Pearl Plant Clip Ons
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Faux Pearl Plant Clip Ons

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Plant shaped clip on earrings in a gold tone, featuring clusters of faux pearls. Clip on earrings were invented around the early 20th century, when affluent Victorian women wanted the look of ear jewelry without piercing, which was seen as an unsavory practice at the time. Clip ons experienced a resurgence in the 1920’s, when the popularity of short haircuts at the time made women’s ears more visible. They remained a popular style until the 1980’s, when it became common and accessible for people to get their ears pierced.


Unknown base metals, plastic pearls. 

Most vintage costume jewelry is made with sterling silver or base metals, often plated in gold or silver. Costume jewelry is not intended to be worn daily, and will show signs of wear if worn excessively. We recommend that costume pieces are not worn to bed, in the shower, or while swimming to extend the life of your piece.